Pumpkin Carving


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Carve out your best and scariest pumpkin. Make it worth putting that pumpkin under the knife and not in a pie.

Start Date: Sep 12, 2021
End Date: Oct 12, 2021

Categories: Ages 6-9, 10-15, 15+ (includes adult)

  • Windsor residents and business only
  • Accepted entries will be posted on the site

How to Enter

If you have any difficulties uploading photos from the website, questions and email entries can be submitted to photocontest@nullnorthwestpark.org.  Please provide the details requested below in your email, and include the contest name in the subject line.

Online submission process

1) Click "SUBMIT AN ENTRY" from the orange bar at the top of this contest. On mobile devices, this may be in the 'hamburger' menu.

2) Fill in the specified fields:

  • Your Name: The name of the entrant
  • Your Email: An email we can reach you
  • Title: Any title or name will do.  Just a brief description of the photo. (e.g., "Terry's Spooky Pumpkin", "Funny Pumpkin", etc).  If you intend for multiple people to submit entries from the same device, you can use this field to differentiate whose entry it is.
  • Description: You may use this optional field to provide information/context about your pumpkin such as bio info of the carver, the inspiration for your idea, or the methods used.

3) Click the 'Select Image' field and choose the image to be uploaded.  (This will work a bit differently depending on the device used, but should be self explanatory.) Only one (1) image may be uploaded at a time.  *Additional photos can be uploaded by clicking "SUBMIT AN ENTRY" again at the top of the contest.  User information only will only need to be entered once.

4) Check the box to confirm you are over the age of 13.  Children under 13 may enter the contest by having a parent submit an entry on their behalf.

5) Hit the 'Submit Photo' button.

6) For each additional photo to be uploaded, click the "SUBMIT AN ENTRY" button and complete the required fields.  Personal information will not need to be re-entered.


Submission will be voted on by the community.  Online voting will open when the submission date closes.